Our Vision

Our Vision

Our Mission as a Church

While some might assume that mission of any church is obvious, we beg to disagree. For us the most important fruit of our labour is person’s happiness and newfound joy in life!

The Power of the Gospel

We take the power that Gospels contain very seriously, making sure that we get the initial underlying meaning of all of them across the board - that is the message of Love!

Community of God's Grace

Building an extensive and mutually acceptive and supportive community lies in the heart of all our work here. For us, people and their good actions are the soul of the church!

Our Values

  • Gospel-Centered

    While Gospels are all meant to portray the message of God’s Love, Grace and Forgiveness, we always try to sing about all other related issues, making spirituality an easier thing to apprehend!

  • Living Faith

    This phrase means so much more than the simple words can convey. While visiting the church on Sunday is one thing, living your whole life in accordance with the principles of decency is another!

  • Missionary

    Each minister at our church also sees himself as a kind of a missionary - preaching the word of God to all different kinds of people who all come from different backgrounds.

  • Relational

    We value developing relationships in the church and out of the church. Being relational means taking the time to invest, care, and share in the life of others so that Christ is seen, felt, and heard.

New Here?

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