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How Important Is Church?

With bashing religion being a “trend” in the today’s society more than it’s been ever before, the choice lies ahead of you. You can either join the crowd and disavow religion you know nothing about or you can invest just a little bit of your time...

Debunking the Free Will Myths

One of the loudest arguments cried out loud by atheists is that in their opinion, the church teaches that everything is already pre-planned by God. While some things (which are inevitable) are planned out, the freedom of making a choice...

Can Rock Music Be About Religion?

While some might say art is no place to express political and religious views, others would beg to differ and say that it’s exactly the art, where you are entitled to conveying your socially important message into a pretty art form!

The Rules of Christian Dating

All the while some feminists tend to see Christianity as too orthodox to understand their views, in fact, it is quite on the contrary. There are numerous instances when both the Old and especially the New Testament outcry the importance of equality for all and good living standards in marriage for everyone! Still, this seems to get lost in the...

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