All of our websites, design, and development packages follow the same fee schedule. We require a 50% deposit to begin the project. And the final balance is due once you’re satisfied and the project is complete.

We define a “complete” project as one where the design is finished and you’re satisfied. The balance invoice will be sent to you after the third walkthrough. We will move the site from our server to your server once the final balance invoice payment is “pending” so that we have a record.

In the case of FINANCE: a payment of minimum payment is established. This payment is due before work will begin on the project, and this amount is established by the management of Standard American Web according to the details of the type of project being purchased. Thirty (30) days from this payment date or the 20th of the next month (whichever one comes first) an established monthly payment begins. The payment is due on the 20th of each month and is considered late on the 1st of the following month where it will acquire eighteen (18%) percent of the payment will be added on to that payment. If not paid by the 10th of that month an additional ten (10%) percent will be added to the eighteen (18%) percent late fee which will be added to the monthly payment scheduled. If payment is not received by the 15th of the month after the payment is due; Standard American Web reserve the right to disable the product or service.

Once the site is on your server we will have your site hand-off. I’ll take you through the back end and show you around and answer any questions. On rare occasions, we may complete the site hand-off meeting on our server before we move the site to your server. In this case, we will invoice you for the final balance after the site hand-off meeting and before we move the site from our server to yours. We will not move a website off of our servers and onto yours until the balance invoice is paid.

Your 30-day complimentary maintenance and support period will begin the day we move the site from our server to yours.

During this time you have our personal guarantee to address any concerns or issues that may pop up. It is very important to us that you know you have our support and guarantee our work after the site is live on your server.